Canada – A safe and internationally recognized study destination with PR option

International Education is going to be the primary means by which we are able to bridge the cultural and linguistic divides that exists not only within our country, but also globally. Technology makes international education reachable by far-flung districts that wouldn’t otherwise have the ability to access knowledge and information about other cultures and other people. So that’s a very exciting opportunity.


Canada, a safe country is fastening as a popular study aboard destination. The nation has a robust higher education system that includes Universities, Colleges and University colleges offering degree and Post/ graduate diploma, Advanced / diploma courses in a variety of areas ranging from management to engineering, environmental studies, computer science, tourism, hospitality, animation and mass media. A degree or diploma awarded from a Canadian Institute is recognized worldwide and the graduates enjoy successful and prospering career.

Lowest Fee Structure:

Maintaining the excellent quality and system in education, Canadian Colleges/ Institutes charge lower tuition fees to International Students. For a Diploma the approximate fee structure would range from 5 – 6 lakhs per year, whereas for a Post graduate Diploma would range from 5 – 10 lakhs per year. It’s a unique opportunity to learn and grow beyond borders in Canada.

Entry Criteria’s:

Canada offering a truly International educational experience emphasizes on the competitive entry requirements. The main focus is with the International English Language testing System (IELTS). For a Diploma level programmes overall 6.0 with no band less than 5.5, Post graduate programmes overall 6.5 with no band less than 6.0. The student should have a GPA score of 2:2.

Work options during and after studies:

An international student is liable to work for 20 hrs per week during study period and 40 hrs per week during the vacation period. Canadian Institutes have modified few courses with Co- op option where a student is placed in an industry during his co-op semester with a paid internship. It helps the students to get hands on experience and gain confidence to find promising Job in Canada.

After the successful completion of the course, the student gain the stay back period option, where he/she can change the study permit to the work permit. Canada has the best stay back period options: 1 year course with 1 year stay back and 2 year course with 3 year stay back option.

Permanent Residency Option through Study Visa and its benefits:

Gaining a Canadian degree and with a Canadian work experience history (depends on each provinces) International students can apply for the Permanent Residency which takes up to 15 to 18 months from within Canada. The minimum eligibility criteria for Permanent Residency are 67 points. A permanent resident gets all the benefits from the day one, i.e., Free Medical, free Children’s Education and Social Security after 6 months.

Easy and speedy visa processing:

International students are required to obtain a Study Permit before entering into Canada. The student can apply for Study permit under the Student Partners Program (SPP) of the Association of Canadian Community Colleges and the Canadian Immigration Programs in New Delhi and Chandigarh. To qualify for Study Permit Application under SPP the student should hold an unconditional offer letter from one of the universities / colleges that are included under this scheme. SPP is currently open and visa is quickly processed with minimum documentation.

ICCRC (Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council)

The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) is a non-profit organization appointed by the Government of Canada to regulate the immigration consulting profession and safeguard consumer interests. Under the Canadian Law a visa consultant for immigration has to be a member of ICCRC. Aries International is a registered member of ICCRC and helps the candidates to gain opportunity for a International Career. Aries advisers are dedicated professionals and legally registered in all countries of operation, offering trust, communication and dedication.